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Hey! We appreciate you for stopping by! I’m Fernandez Live, Loving husband and father, multidisciplinary artist, producer, author and counselor of peace from Baltimore, Maryland.

You might know me as the founder of The OBAAH Tour, one of NYC’s longest running live art tours specializing in live performances, art installations and art therapy.

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions:

  • “Is it possible for me to give my own show with little to no money?”
  • “I recorded a song or album. Do I really have to wait till I get a lot of fans to start a tour?”
  • “How can I build and grow a tour that actually gives me income?”

If so then you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’ve already started a tour but just aren’t seeing your income goals, or your just starting to record music and may be overwhelmed by the idea of stepping out and performing, we can help you.

Started From Humble Beginnings

As a son of a hard-working faithfully loving teenage-mother and a pain stricken father who committed suicide, I understand the value of community and sough to become a force of good in my own. 

At the young age of 16 I started a Non-Profit in my hometown of Baltimore. 

As a community leader I sought to educate myself by living traveling across the country and living in different cities like Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami and Brooklyn. 

From this experience my faith in the all loving God grew immensely, as well as my business aptitude and knowledge of the music industry. 

Beyond writing, touring and producing my own music I’ve grown to work directly with many popular musicians across the country and more notably, musical legend Wyclef Jean (on the Carnival III tour).

That kid from Baltimore with the odds stacked against him has gained the attention of Jay-Z, Emory Jones (Roc Nation), DJ Zeke Thomas, 99 Jamz WEDR Miami Radio, Bimmy Antney, Rick Ross, Janet & Sean Kingston, Tyrone Hunter, Elizabeth An (Restaurateur), Angela Simmons, Chris Gotti Lorenzo (Add Ventures Music), Jazze Pha (Superproducer), Lyor & Az Cohen, Eric Benét, Starpower Global Music Group (Chicago) and Jah Spice (Taylor Gang).

Am I special? Did I figure out some magic formula?


All I’ve done was decide to give myself and others a platform to creatively express themselves while earning money and attention from doing what they love. 

Now I’m taking all I’ve learned from my touring business and giving you the inside information on how to start a tour in just 30 days, earn profit from your first show, get a venue to sponsor your tour and more. And don’t worry – even if you have little to no money to spend my method will show you the steps to start a tour without upfront cost. 

Just how I did it!

ready to get paid from performing your own music or showing your art?

Get the Quick Start Guide and learn how I made $100,000 In 9 months from performing my music. 

This guide will show you how to book venues for free, build a fanbase in 30 days or less, profit from an event or showcase and where to find new fans. 

If you have just 30 minutes a day, you can put our method into action and begin creating a profitable live music tour.

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