Our Beginnings All Are Humble.

Our Work.

The OBAAH tour is happy to present a rewarding campaign that places the power in the loving creators hands.

Our mission with this campaign, is to provide artist, authors and musicians with the direct and accessible industry resources OBAAH has garnered through years of distributing, touring and producing in the music industry.

In return become easily accessible for everyday artist and up and coming musicians.

This individual action and reward campaign is based off of your faith and effort.

With a successful campaign you will gain access to our many venues, tour resources, digital services, music distribution and more.

OBAAH tour continues to expand and brings in audiences that relate and network successfully to expand themselves.

How It Works.

  1. Sign up with your information below. 
  2. Sell tickets for upcoming listed OBAAH Tour date. 
  3. Receive multiple hours of studio time in New York City, social media & PR support, publishing, OBAAH Merchandise and more…

We reward Your Effort with success.

The “Star” represents the reward you are qualified for when selling tickets. Just sell at least 9 OBAAH  Tourbans ranging from $15 to $30 each, or 18 general admission tickets, ranging from $10 to $12.  

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