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Read the comprehensive book on touring that provides repeatable methods on how to start a tour with little to no money. 

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Learn from a full-time artist and touring expert that has sold over 20,000 tickets for his OBAAH Tour.

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Why OBAAH Out The Mud Method?

Grow Your Audience

Learn how to increase awareness around your music, show and tour. We show you how to create campaigns and simplify the steps to grow an organic fanbase. 

Establish Your Tour Route

Learn how to contact venues, establish residencies and plan a tour route. We teach you industry methods and successful business tactics to give you the upper hand when negotiating with venues. 

Earn Money From Performing

The global touring industry is raking in billions of dollars in of revenue and this amount is growing each year. Learn how to get your share of this market and generate a large income as a full time artist. 

Stay up to Date

We make sure you’re on point with frequent blog post, new course material and OBAAH Out The Mud content updates. 

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