For Giving is Necessary [E-Book]


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Multidisciplinary artist, producer, author and philanthropist Fernandez“Live”Womack aka Nando, began creating a name for himself in his hometown, of Baltimore City at the young age of 16. Starting a Non-Profit before most of his peers his age, started college. As a community leader he sought to educate himself by living in different cities across the country. From this experience his business aptitude and creativity only got sharper.
The son of a hard-working loving teenage-mother and a pain stricken father who committed suicide, he subsequently became a force of good in his community and carved out a lane for himself. From his own words “Started in the woods but made my path”. Fernandez’s words are as dynamic as his personality. As a mainstay in Hip Hop his style is attention-commanding while also being able to provide an unfounded perspective on real world topics including spirituality, business, street life, and institutional discrimination. Blogger/photographer Michael Tapp wrote, “Fernandez’s style popped from over 100 ft. away, he has enough creative energy to power all of Times Square.”#OBAAH

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Digital 9 Track Album Download with Each Purchase